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Obama for 4 More? OCrap!

I have been working on a Post for a while now regarding our Big Divisional Win this Summer- Ask Julie Helvey, my Social Media Goddess, and she’ll tell you that I’ve been working on the Post, probably SINCE the Divisional Win in July. Well, at least it FEELS like it’s been about that long! I was just about ready to shoot that Post to her…… until the Election results surprised many of us yesterday. I’m told that we’re NOT supposed to talk about Religion, Sex or Politics. Well CRAP!! That wouldn’t leave much for ME to discuss- outside of Racing!! I’ve never been one to shy away from controversy and I’m NOT about to begin HERE! So, if you share my views, great. And if you don’t- I trust you’ll at least respect my right to share them and have an open mind toward how they were forged. You see, Robbie and I are small business owners who must make Payroll EVERY time it comes around with ZERO help from ANY Government Program or Handout- and we are NOT asking for one here! We ONLY ask for a Level Playing Field and to be treated with a modicum of respect for the few Jobs we bring to the economy and for the awesome products and services we provide. So to our President and Democrat leaders in Congress- PLEASE stop speaking of US Business Owners as though WE are the Problem and stop saddling us with more and more oppressive regulations.

Oh Yeah- and here’s another thought ~



So, PLEASE stop insulting the THOUSANDS of us who work Countless Hours, CONISTENTLY Risking ALL we have, breaking the conventional wisdom of many business experts who advise: “Pay Yourself First” by NOT paying ourselves first, because there SIMPLY is NOT enough Money, so we CONSISTENLY PAY OUR EMPLOYEES FIRST, sometimes hoping against HOPE that the “Promised Sale” WILL come in, or that our A/R (Accounts Receivable, Money OWED to us) will come in as expected- all so that as Business Owners, WE can take at least a PARTIAL Pay Check……….at SOME point.

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I do NOT care what color our President is. I DO care about his Character. Creating an entitlement society does NOT empower anyone; it ONLY obligates them to more “free stuff”. All the while, Spending Money we do NOT have, selling an ILLUSION that “IF ONLY” the Rich “Paid their Fair Share” (WHATEVER THE HELL THAT MEANS) it will Pay Down our Debt. This is the OPPOSITE of having Character, as it is completely deceitful. The REALITY is that if the “Rich” contributed 100% of their income, it wouldn’t pay more than a few DAYS worth of our Government’s reckless Spending. Increasing Taxes on those who CREATE Jobs (aka- “The Rich”) – (BTW- I’ve NEVER received a Job from a “Poor” Person!) while Selling the idea to the LEMMINGS among us that it will REDUCE our DEBT is what I call “Magic Thinking”- which is a nice way to say- it’s a LIE! But, we are surrounded by those who choose to believe this way.

Abraham Lincoln once said: “I don’t think much of a Man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.

This is what amazes me of my fellow Americans- at least a little more than half of them- those who elected our President- twice now. They seem to have learned nothing. You see in 2008, we had Hope, because there was certainly no record- not even a Lemonade Stand to look back on for a record of success. No small Business to check on for a track record of success. All his School records were, well, actually they still ARE sealed. So, in 2008 all we had was a Community Organizer (again, WHATEVER THE HELL THAT MEANS!!) and an abbreviated time in the Senate, with much of his time spent running for President. BUT, Gawd- we had HOPE! But, you CANNOT make that claim in 2012! NOW, we DO have a record. No more promises of Hope and Change- now we KNOW what we were getting! Unemployment is UP- WAY UP from his promises to bring it down! And Blaming his predecessor, although a MASTER of it, this can ONLY be considered valid for so long! RIGHT? Our Deficit is up; our National Debt is up: He began his Presidency with his World apology tour, actually bowing to one Arab leader. Now he DID approve the killing of Osama Bin Laden (What President WOULDN’T have said “Yes” to THAT?!!- Oh Yeah! BIDEN admitted that HE wouldn’t have, THAT’S WHO!! OMG!!), with our AWESOME Military lead by Seal Team 6 actually doing the Hard Work to take out that Bastard! So, then after “Spiking the Ball” endlessly for that victory, he then leaves 4 to die in Benghazi, even though they asked for help WELL in advance. The point now is that His record NOW is long, pathetic and sad.

But, he won the election and we have him as our President for 4 more years. Those of us who share values of self reliance while believing in God’s Goodness and Grace; those who have an insatiable work ethic; and with us Love this Country, well, we will never give up. This Country has a Constitution, a Declaration of Independence and a Bill of Rights and these foundational documents are bigger than any one Leader.

One more quote- this one from someone also profoundly wise- my Paternal Grandmother. When faced with troubling circumstances, my Grandma Kathryn would tell me- “Gregg, Get down and Pray like everything depends on God; Then get up and work like everything depends on You. Somehow, this combination seems to work.” She was right, this combination does work! So this is my advice for all of us now- Get down and Pray like everything depends on God; Then get up and Work like everything depends on You- Work at being Faithful in your Job, being Faithful in your Relationships- to those you Love. There are people counting on YOU and no matter WHO is in the Oval office WE can make a difference in the Lives of those we Love, So- Here’s to the value of Relationships.

Thankful for all those in my Life & Pledging to remain Faithful to God, Country and to all those in my Life~ Nitro Gregg

P.S. I am profoundly Thankful to all who serve our Country in the Military. Thank you all for your Service to our Country & May God Bless you uniquely for your Faithful Service!

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