Commercial Business Machines

Commercial Business Machines Van and Store Front

Gregg Racing’s Greatest Advocate! 🙂

In 1992, Gregg purchased his own business.  This is the business he still actively runs to this day – Commercial Business Machines (CBM).  As a company that specializes in the sale and service of commercial grade office machines including digital copiers, printers and facsimile machines, CBM has provided Gregg the platform from which he was able to seriously consider building a racing team.  Owning his own business also provided many lessons on managing a team of people toward a common goal, learning to manage cash flow and providing service to his customers that exceeded their expectations.   These have skills have served him well in the building, literally from the ground up, of a professional Drag Racing operation.  Since 1992, Gregg has added commercial real estate to the mix and established another company to manage the leasing of the property to multiple tenants.  He named this company – GG-Force Investments, LLC (pronounced Gee’-Force).

2019 CBM Logo final