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Life Begins At 270MPH!

Trevor Intro- Final- 2021

Gregg Lawrence, Owner of Gregg Racing, announced Tuesday morning, 3/16/2021, that Trevor Larkin will drive the Team’s Injected Nitro Dragster for the 2021 season.  Larkin will replace former driver Russ Parker, who requested to step aside over the winter to be able to focus on his Business- Parker’s Auto Electric, also in Salem.  Gregg partnered together with Russ for the past 3 Seasons, making significant investments into the Car and seeing major improvements to the Car’s performance along the way.

Larkin, a second-generation driver, cross-licensed from a nostalgia Funny Car into an injected nitro dragster the Monday after the 2019 DODGE Nationals in Las Vegas.  Larkin brings sponsorships NGK Spark Plugs, Clean Boost Oil, and Mechanix Wear with him to Gregg’s Team as they embark on this new Adventure.

“I’m stoked to be able to fill the seat of Gregg’s car”, Larkin said. “Russ did a great job, and I was cheering them on in Seattle when they went to the finals in 2019.  I’m proud to be able to bring NGK Spark Plugs and Clean Boost Oil with me to his team.  NGK is the ignition specialist and the leader in the Top Alcohol Dragster class and Clean Boost oil is also widely used in the class to keep these fire-breathing engines running smoothly.  This will be an exciting season with lots of moving parts and things in the works.  Gregg and his team have a great reputation and offer a safe and dependable car.  I hope to be able to find success as I fill the seat, doing as good as Russ did.”


Lawrence – “Russ and I had an awesome partnership- He brought much-needed resources to the Program, allowing me to focus on improving my Tuning skills.  With Russ’s help, we saw our first 5.2 passes and got the Car to run over 270 MPH.  I will forever be grateful to Russ for both his past contributions and his current- In fact, it was Russ who suggested putting Trevor in the seat for this season.  Trevor brings his own set of unique skills to our program and I am thrilled that we’ll be working together this year.  He is young and has a great heritage in the sport.  I expect very good things from him as a Driver”.

Parker added- “I feel really good about the direction that the program is going and

am happy to see that Trevor will be driving this year.  With Gregg’s experience both as a

driver and a tuner, Trevor is in great hands and I expect them to have much success this year.”

You can follow them this Season on social media at Facebook.com/GreggRacing,

www.greggracing.net, on Instagram under trevor_larkin_racing and gregg_racing, and our YouTube channel- GREGG RACING.

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About Gregg Racing

Gregg Racing acquired the A/Fuel Car in 2000, so this year, 2021 is my 21st year campaigning the A/Fuel Car.  My career best ET is 5.286, and we’ve been over 270 MPH now.  Since NHRA has taken the Nitro percentage down over the years, little by little, we now can run only 95%.  Although it doesn’t sound like much- changing our 5% of the Nitro for Methanol (Alcohol) it’s makes a HUGE difference!  We’ve worked very hard to get the Horse Power back that was surrendered there.  Thankfully, we’re running better now than we even were back on 100%.  Tons of Laps and lots of experimenting- But the Car runs well again now.

We’ve spent a ton of money to get it back- all in search of the illusive Cylinder Pressure.  With the Hard Work and dedication of my faithful Crew and my always-believing-in-me-Bride Robbie, we have gotten there.  I also owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Jerry Darien, my friend and my mentor who has helped me sort this program out and without whom we would NOT be seeing the performance and reliability gains that we have.  Also, Russ Parker made major contributions to the Program during the 3 years that he Drove for us (2018 – 2020), allowing me to focus on the Tuning.  During this time, I was able to get the Car to run 5.2’s at over 270 MPH- And the BEST part is that it hasn’t been hurting itself!

This Season, we’re excited to bring Trevor Larkin on board to fill the Driver’s Seat.  He brings help from NGK Spark Plugs, Clean Boost Oil & Mechanix Gloves.  We’re very excited about the upcoming Season and we appreciate your interest in our program!!  Keep checking back for more videos, stories and pics!  We deeply appreciate you!!!- our Fans, Friends and Family- frankly, they all kinda’ blend together!! 🙂

Huggs, to you all- (and yes, I know that had 2 gg’s in it!! It’s kinda’ my deal- the “double gg” thing, that is!!!)



Crew Dudes That Make the Nitro Magic Happen at Gregg Racing, Inc.~

  • Kris Derby- Clutch Dude & Car Chief
  • Chris Lehman- Bottom End & Cylinder Heads
  • Josh Cutlip- Bottom End & Fuel Mixologist
  • Keith McCurdy- All Over Car Expert
  • Robbie- My Bride, My Lover, My BFF, Parachutes, Parts Washer, Fuel & Warm-Ups in the Car.
  • Maggs- Maggie Mae & Holly Dog- Our Dalmatians

Maggie & Holly- Cropped- 2020-08-18-Brighter