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Life Begins At 270MPH!

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Gregg Racing acquired the A/Fuel Car in 2000, so this year, 2014 is my 14th year campaigning the A/Fuel Car.  My career best ET is 5.34 at 266.64 MPH, but that was back on 100%.  Now, with NHRA having taken the Nitro percentage down over the years, little by little, we are now down to 94%.  Although it doesn’t sound like much- it’s a HUGE amount of Horse Power that we’ve lost!!

We spend a ton of money trying to get it back- all in search of the illusive Cylinder Pressure.  With the Hard Work and dedication of my faithful Crew and my always-believing-in-me-Bride Robbie, we’re now getting our Hot Rod back, close to the performance levels we used to have on 100%, but now we’re doing it with 94%!  I also owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Jerry Darien, my friend and my mentor who has helped me sort this program out and without whom we would NOT be seeing the performance AND reliability gains we have.

At a recent night race at Woodburn, we came OUT OF THE BOX (trailer) and went 5.44 ET at 259 MPH- VERY close to breaking back into the “Magical” 5.30’s again.  We need to be in the 5.30’s to be competitive- and we can taste it- we are SO close!  On our NEXT lap- please see the Night Run video– the Car SMOKED the Tires at the Step!!! DOH (as Homer Simpson says) and after letting the Car settle down, I stepped back down on the “Loud” Peddle, but by then, I’m 50’, 60’, or 70’ down track and the Car STILL ran 262 MPH!!!!

Only 4 MPH shy of my Career BEST- and with less than the whole Race Track to do it in!!!!! 

Good things are to come and we appreciate your interest in our program!!  Keep checking back for more videos, stories and pics!  We deeply appreciate you!!!- our Fans, Friends and Family- frankly, they all kinda’ blend together!! 🙂

Huggs, to you all- (and yes, I know that had 2 gg’s in it!! It’s kinda’ my deal- the “double gg” thing, that is!!!)



Crew Dudes That Make the Nitro Magic Happen at Gregg Racing, Inc.~

  • Stan Wise- Bottom End & Race Prep
  • Jake Vaage- Clutch
  • LouLaBelle (Shelly)- Data Entry Specialist (This car generates a HUGE amount of data to track!!)
  • Mom- Chef (Thanks MOM!!!)
  • Robbie- My Bride, My Lover, My BFF, Parachutes, Parts Washer, Fuel & Warm-Ups in the Car.
  • Maggs- Maggie Mae- Our Newest Dalmatian Puppy (We recently lost Nitro Dog after almost 15 Years of having her in our family.  We miss her every day!!!)
Nitro Dog Gregg Racing

Remembering Nitro Dog