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So ~
There’s a Hellova’ “Back Story” that will follow soon, as Gregg will be sharing the details of how our New Car actually came to be! Please allow me to ‘whet your appetite a bit here- Our story will begin with a trip to the 2011 IMIS show in Indy that Gregg and Jerry Darien attended after researching options to actually BUILD twin cars. By the time we’re done with our story, we’ll be speaking of Bob Vandergriff and his Crew Chief Rob Flynn, along with Robert Hight (and the John Force Racing Organization), and then we’ll conclude our journey, (‘er…..That’d be the 11 month saga we’re speaking of here, NOT the band from the 80’s! Lol!!!) with none other than Joey Severance!! We now have our new Chassis, and it is a virtual “Twin” to one that Jerry Darien has! More about that to follow also! Please stay tuned & we’ll fill you in on this IMPROBABLE story!! Relationships MATTER, in WHATEVER you’re doing – This is CERTAINLY true in Drag Racing!!

Gregg Racing ~
Good friends & Good Times at 265 MPH!!

Obama for 4 More? OCRAP! – Gregg Racing

Obama for 4 More? OCrap!

I have been working on a Post for a while now regarding our Big Divisional Win this Summer- Ask Julie Helvey, my Social Media Goddess, and she’ll tell you that I’ve been working on the Post, probably SINCE the Divisional Win in July. Well, at least it FEELS like it’s been about that long! I was just about ready to shoot that Post to her…… until the Election results surprised many of us yesterday. I’m told that we’re NOT supposed to talk about Religion, Sex or Politics. Well CRAP!! That wouldn’t leave much for ME to discuss- outside of Racing!! I’ve never been one to shy away from controversy and I’m NOT about to begin HERE! So, if you share my views, great. And if you don’t- I trust you’ll at least respect my right to share them and have an open mind toward how they were forged. You see, Robbie and I are small business owners who must make Payroll EVERY time it comes around with ZERO help from ANY Government Program or Handout- and we are NOT asking for one here! We ONLY ask for a Level Playing Field and to be treated with a modicum of respect for the few Jobs we bring to the economy and for the awesome products and services we provide. So to our President and Democrat leaders in Congress- PLEASE stop speaking of US Business Owners as though WE are the Problem and stop saddling us with more and more oppressive regulations.

Oh Yeah- and here’s another thought ~



So, PLEASE stop insulting the THOUSANDS of us who work Countless Hours, CONISTENTLY Risking ALL we have, breaking the conventional wisdom of many business experts who advise: “Pay Yourself First” by NOT paying ourselves first, because there SIMPLY is NOT enough Money, so we CONSISTENLY PAY OUR EMPLOYEES FIRST, sometimes hoping against HOPE that the “Promised Sale” WILL come in, or that our A/R (Accounts Receivable, Money OWED to us) will come in as expected- all so that as Business Owners, WE can take at least a PARTIAL Pay Check……….at SOME point.

(BTW~ this shirt is available at

I do NOT care what color our President is. I DO care about his Character. Creating an entitlement society does NOT empower anyone; it ONLY obligates them to more “free stuff”. All the while, Spending Money we do NOT have, selling an ILLUSION that “IF ONLY” the Rich “Paid their Fair Share” (WHATEVER THE HELL THAT MEANS) it will Pay Down our Debt. This is the OPPOSITE of having Character, as it is completely deceitful. The REALITY is that if the “Rich” contributed 100% of their income, it wouldn’t pay more than a few DAYS worth of our Government’s reckless Spending. Increasing Taxes on those who CREATE Jobs (aka- “The Rich”) – (BTW- I’ve NEVER received a Job from a “Poor” Person!) while Selling the idea to the LEMMINGS among us that it will REDUCE our DEBT is what I call “Magic Thinking”- which is a nice way to say- it’s a LIE! But, we are surrounded by those who choose to believe this way.

Abraham Lincoln once said: “I don’t think much of a Man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.

This is what amazes me of my fellow Americans- at least a little more than half of them- those who elected our President- twice now. They seem to have learned nothing. You see in 2008, we had Hope, because there was certainly no record- not even a Lemonade Stand to look back on for a record of success. No small Business to check on for a track record of success. All his School records were, well, actually they still ARE sealed. So, in 2008 all we had was a Community Organizer (again, WHATEVER THE HELL THAT MEANS!!) and an abbreviated time in the Senate, with much of his time spent running for President. BUT, Gawd- we had HOPE! But, you CANNOT make that claim in 2012! NOW, we DO have a record. No more promises of Hope and Change- now we KNOW what we were getting! Unemployment is UP- WAY UP from his promises to bring it down! And Blaming his predecessor, although a MASTER of it, this can ONLY be considered valid for so long! RIGHT? Our Deficit is up; our National Debt is up: He began his Presidency with his World apology tour, actually bowing to one Arab leader. Now he DID approve the killing of Osama Bin Laden (What President WOULDN’T have said “Yes” to THAT?!!- Oh Yeah! BIDEN admitted that HE wouldn’t have, THAT’S WHO!! OMG!!), with our AWESOME Military lead by Seal Team 6 actually doing the Hard Work to take out that Bastard! So, then after “Spiking the Ball” endlessly for that victory, he then leaves 4 to die in Benghazi, even though they asked for help WELL in advance. The point now is that His record NOW is long, pathetic and sad.

But, he won the election and we have him as our President for 4 more years. Those of us who share values of self reliance while believing in God’s Goodness and Grace; those who have an insatiable work ethic; and with us Love this Country, well, we will never give up. This Country has a Constitution, a Declaration of Independence and a Bill of Rights and these foundational documents are bigger than any one Leader.

One more quote- this one from someone also profoundly wise- my Paternal Grandmother. When faced with troubling circumstances, my Grandma Kathryn would tell me- “Gregg, Get down and Pray like everything depends on God; Then get up and work like everything depends on You. Somehow, this combination seems to work.” She was right, this combination does work! So this is my advice for all of us now- Get down and Pray like everything depends on God; Then get up and Work like everything depends on You- Work at being Faithful in your Job, being Faithful in your Relationships- to those you Love. There are people counting on YOU and no matter WHO is in the Oval office WE can make a difference in the Lives of those we Love, So- Here’s to the value of Relationships.

Thankful for all those in my Life & Pledging to remain Faithful to God, Country and to all those in my Life~ Nitro Gregg

P.S. I am profoundly Thankful to all who serve our Country in the Military. Thank you all for your Service to our Country & May God Bless you uniquely for your Faithful Service!

NAPA Day Races – Gregg Racing – FUEL ALTERED BABY

NAPA day at the Races- 09-21-12- From Gregg- Can you say- FUEL ALTERED BABY! Here at Woodburn W~ Car Owner Art Mendoza & Russ Parker, Driver of this Bad Boy! HOW COOL IS THIS!!
Fall Classic- Fuel Altered- It’s Baaaaack!!

Robbie and I were here at Woodburn Dragstrip with our 3 Granddaughters for the Fall Classic last weekend and I had a unique opportunity to be a spectator. Although I’m not a particularly GOOD spectator, it was our Granddaughters first time to EVER be at a Drag Strip. So, we had spent our time trying to explain how LOUD each Car was compared to “Grandpa Gregg’s Car”, attempting to get their little minds around the reality that, YEP, an A/Fuel Dragster is INDEED louder than that Super Pro Car they’d just heard! For Lacey, 8, Bethany, 6 and Caidence, 5, they’d never HEARD so much as a BBC Car with uncapped Headers, so it was INCONCEIVABLE that Grandpa’s Car could POSSIBLY be louder than that! HOW COULD IT BE?!

I sat in the East Grandstands just past the Starting Line with Robbie and the Girls, getting used to the idea that I was a spectator for the day, feeling the angst to go help, well, pretty much ANY of my friends who had Cars here at this event, our Car being home with a Rod hanging out of the side of the Block! As Homer Simpson says, DOH!!!!! The BB/FC show began and we watched many of our friends put on the show that is Blown Alcohol Funny Car Racing. The Girls eyes got bigger as the sounds got even LOUDER and the smoke got even THICKER from long smoky burnouts. And then Russ Parker, a dear friend of mine since the early ’90’s, doing double duty that day, finished driving his BB/FC and headed back to the Starting Line to jump in his second ride of the day- Art Mendoza and partner Jim’s Fuel Altered. I had been doing okay at being the obligatory spectator, caring for our Girls……. Until….. Until, they fired the Fire Breathing, Kick Butt, Fuel Altered, Short Wheelbase Mean Machine. I swear, I felt a chill go up my spine, as I sat up in my bleacher, no longer needing the full seat, as I only occupied the edge. Russ pulled through the Water Box, slowed to almost a Stop as the Beast Cackled with a Mean-Ass Nitro Rage known to all who’ve ever heard a Blown Fuel motor run. It’s gonna’ Go or Blow, but it’s gonna’ be SPECTACULAR either way, and everyone is watching! Russ eased into the throttle as the three big Red Butterflies squeezed open slightly and the cackle now turned to an Ear Ripping blast of Nitro induced pain- but a good pain, of course! The Car JUMPED up on the Tires, Smoke Billowing off of them, rolling high into the air as the Car launched forward past the Starting Line. I was captivated. Two of the Girls were now in my lap, squeezing my neck in fear. I didn’t care. I was engrossed in this Bad Ass Fire Breathing Nitro Machine with Flames TRULY Licking out of the Headers. OMG, I want OUR Car to do that! If the girls hadn’t been in my lap, I’d have run to the Starting line to be a part, but I restrained myself….. for now. In the other Lane, my other good friend, Gary Eickmann, is driving Claude and Lisa LaVoie’s AWESOME Nostalgia Fuel Funny Car that Gary had been tuning to low 5.90 runs at over 240 MPH.

Now, keep in mind, if you would, I’ve made hundreds of Runs in our Car, many at 260 MPH, in the low 5 second range, and as awe inspiring as they are, I must confess….it IS DIFFERENT to stand BEHIND the Car and FEEL it than it is to even be IN it. Being IN it SUCKS THE AIR OUT OF YOUR LUNGS as it accelerates from 0 – 80 MPH in ONE FREAKING SECOND, and then as it further accelerates from 0 – 220 MPH in 3.5 Seconds on its way to 265! This IS virtually SPIRITUAL, as I explain to all who will listen that it feels like being rear-ended by a School Bus going 100 MPH……. WHILE Your Head is in a Paint Shaker!!!! Being BEHIND IT, is equally spiritual- it’s just different as you FEEL the Power POUNDING down through your Heart, your Guts and then down to your Feet! It’s just a different KIND of Cool.

So, I’m watching Russ and Gary Stage their Cars…. They bump in, the lights go Yellow… and all you hear is Massive Nitro Explosions from both Cars as the Fuel Altered EXPLODES out of the Gate with a FURY to a .949 60’ ET that MY CAR has to be on a good run to match. The Altered then has trouble, Breaks a Blower Snout, Oil from the Snout shoots ALL over Russ’ Visor; he brilliantly manages the Driving job and lifts, safely handling the Car to a stop. Gary thunders on down to a 5.92 in the low 240’s again! ME? I am in AWE! I told my Bride…. OMG! I NEED to Drive that Car!


Now as Ron White says…. I told you THAT story to tell you THIS story!! So, now fast forward one week to Friday, 09-21-12 and now I’m back to Woodburn at the NAPA day at the Races, where Car Owner Art Mendoza is back with his partner Jim, along with Dave Hix helping with the Tuning duties. Dave and his wife Heidi are former Fuel Altered Owners, who successfully campaigned a BITCHIN’ Fuel Altered for years, helped by Ronnie Mankins. Ronnie is also here today. Dave KNOWS how to set these things up.

The air is WAY better today- not a LITTLE better- a LOT better. I’m concerned for my friend- Russ. So, I called Russ this AM to offer a bit of input on Mag settings to see if I could keep this virtual Satanic beast from killing him today. Essentially, More Mag means, More Power- to a point, of course. But, with the WAY better air, conventional wisdom would STONGLY suggest that if we want to keep the Heads on and have any CHANCE of “making it”, we MUST back the Timing off a bit. (Did I mention, this car is SO cool?!!) Russ does SUCH a good job of driving this Car, but I want to be here to watch, help and just see what the future might hold. I mean, you never KNOW what the future might hold! I mean, Russ COULD get hit by a bus…. He COULD, you know?!!! The jokes abound in the pits as Russ makes sure all check my hand size against his neck for future forensic needs! Russ is such a dear friend that it makes it fun to joke about such things, knowing I would never displace him for a driving job. Thankfully, I already HAVE a driving job! But, it’s fun to joke about such things!

We’re posting a couple Pics of this Cool Hot Rod, one I took today here in Art’s Pit area with the Body up and then one Action Shot where ALL THREE Wheels and Tires you can see here in the Pic are OFF THE FREEEAAKING GROUND!!! OMG! HOW COOL IS THAT!! And, a video with the sound that will allow you to experience a bit of what I’m sharing.

Click Here To See The Video

Today was a rough day for Altered Reality Team Racing, as at the top of the first Burnout, a few of the Rods decided they’d simply had enough as they made a Mass Exodus of their Warm Home and came out the side of the Block. My Mentor, Jerry Darien told me once, long ago when I was complaining about how TERRIBLY Difficult it was to run My A/Fuel Car… He said, “Gregg! If it was easy, the Pits would be FULL of 3rd Grade Girls with A/Fuel Cars!!” I have NEVER forgotten that lesson. Nitro is NOT easy. Anyone who thinks it is…. Has never tried it!

It will be VERY interesting to see what the future holds for Art’s Fuel Racing. He has big dreams and many good friends to help keep him within the Non-Negotiable boundaries that Nitro INSISTS upon. Stay within those lines and Nitro will do AMAZING and inspiring things. Step outside those lines by a few thousandths of an inch- and it becomes an indiscriminant destructive killer. If it were easy….. But WOW, is it cool?

Thanks much to Art for letting me hang out… And to God for giving me the most AMAZING friends… Russ Parker, Gary Eickmann, Dave Hix and my Mentor, Jerry Darien- All Men of DEEP Character, Talent and Intelligence. Some day when I grow up, I want to be just like THESE guys! For now, thanks for following us here at Gregg Racing. We value each of you for checking us out! We have much more to come, so stay tuned….

Gregg Racing…. Good Times and Good Friends… at 260 MPH!!!! God Bless~ 🙂

Woodburn Dragstrip Season Opener – Gregg Racing


This Post was ready to go shortly after the conclusion of the Woodburn Season Opener, however, the accident in Mission (see Post- “Stan’s Unlucky, Lucky Friday”) took precedence.  That behind us now and Stan on the mend, I did want to report on how our first outing went, so…. Here Goes!

2012- Season Opener~  May 19-20 

We had a major thrash getting our old Gal ready, as we were making plans to have a new car for this season.  After countless hours of devoted work from Stan and Mike along with help from our faithful Clutch Guy Jake, we finally arrived with VERY high hopes for the 2012 Season Opener at Woodburn where we were pleased to have our whole team together again for the first time this year.  An acknowledgement of the Team it takes to put this Show together seems very appropriate here-

  • Stan Wise ~  The one who knows more about where everything goes on this program almost than I do.  Dedication, Passion and Faithfulness OOZE out of Stan.
  • Jake Vaage ~ Kick Butt Clutch Dude- This guy KNOWS how to make a Clutch Flat- That’s “MISTER Flat” to you!
  • Mike Cady ~ Our 10 Year Groupie, Now Crew Dude who’s doing an AWESOME job- Pure Passion.
  • Keith McCurdy ~ We’ve been doing this together a VERY Long time- Great Friend, and a WEALTH of Engine Building Knowledge.   Very Cool Cat Under Pressure.
  • Shelly (LouLaBelle) Kinney ~ My Niece and our Data Entry Specialist.  She enters all the VOLUMES of Data this Car generates into a VERY Cool Spreadsheet I developed.  Tedious and Important Work- She’s VERY Good!  Now, she’s learning Motor work!
  • Mom (Irene) ~ Feeds us all as if we were at a 4 Star Restaurant!  Unbelievable Food- and its WONDERFUL to Race with your Family!
  • Robbie (Gregg’s Sweetheart & His Bride) ~ Packs the Chutes, Fuels the Car & Cleans the Oil Pan.  She knows more about what to look for in the Bottom of an Oil Pan than 90% of the Veteran Racers I’ve been with.  She makes my Racing worth doing- Faithful & NEVER Complains.  I should be more like her!

That’s our Team- These People invest COUNTLESS Hours on our A/Fuel Dragster Program and make it all possible.  We have a Car that consistently is safe and that “nothing falls off of”, all because of the hours invested by these people.  I owe them a debt of gratitude and wanted to express my Thanks Loudly here!

On to The Season Opener~

Woodburn Season Opener-2012- Launch

The Car has a fresh Motor this Year, with new Sleeves, new Rings and the same Tune-Up it had when we ran the 5.420 ET 264.39 MPH last year.  I knew that having a fresh, tight motor would make MORE power, but no one could help me determine how MUCH more.  Our first hit of the year showed this to be true, as we went “up in smoke”, completely blazing the tires.  I have one Pic of that Run I’m posting here that is telling, in that is shows the front tires off the ground, so it WAS trying.  If it had the front tires up (as it did), transferring the weight to the rear tires and STILL smoked the tires (as it ALSO did), then, well, then we were simply WAY off in our Power to Clutch settings.  Darn.

Compression and Clutch changes were made and we’re ready for Sunday and…….., and…… and I want the WEATHER Man’s Job!!!  That’s the job where you can be wrong 60% of the time and STILL keep your job and get paid pretty handsomely!  The forecast was for a pretty nice day.  We woke to anything BUT a pretty nice day!  The constant rain forced them to call the event, leaving us to only wonder what coulda’ been!  Darn!  Nothing’s hurt and we’re ready to go!  We will schedule an Outing to come back and Test soon.  Stay Tuned, as we’ll announce when we’re coming back for testing…….

Stan’s Unlucky, Lucky Friday in Mission – Gregg Racing

Stan Wise

~ Mission, BC Canada May 25-27, 2012 ~    

I have chosen not to travel this year, owing to substantial investments made into our Racing Program this year.  An announcement of major significance will follow later this week.  I would first like to speak to an event that occurred this past Weekend at a West Regional event held at Mission Raceway Park, Mission BC Canada.  My Key Crew Guy, Stan Wise, went to help another race team- the Dave Germain Top Alcohol Funny Car Team.  Dave has been a friend for many years and needed a hand from a seasoned Crew Dude.  Getting Stan to agree to go racing is much like getting an alcoholic to take another drink- not too tough!  🙂

We often talk of Drag Racing being a dangerous sport, all the while not really thinking that anything bad is going to happen to us.  Well, guess what?  Friday was NOT Stan’s lucky day.  In a very unfortunate Starting Line incident, as Stan and the other Crew were attempting to Start Dave’s Funny Car, with Dave strapped in the Car, ready to make his first Qualifying Pass, an accident occurred where, once the “Mag Wire” was pulled, which would allow the Motor to come to life, the Motor revved way up, causing the Car to lurch forward.  Each of the Crew was affected in this incident, but sadly, Stan took the worst of it, as his right foot was caught between the Header of the Car and the ground.  This resulted in a pretty bad break in his ankle and leg, requiring surgery.  (See Pic)

Stan’s Broken Leg & Ankle- OUCH!

Pulling the Mag Wire should allow the Motor to Start.  The Motor should NOT, however, rev up.  Obviously, I was not there, so I’m not sure why the Motor revved up.  Dave was kind enough to call me to discuss the incident with me.  Ultimately – it was an accident.  I wanted to be very clear that it was NOT possible for the Driver, for Dave, to have prevented this accident from occurring.  Dave did all he could do and that is that.  My understanding is that they are working to determine why the Motor revved up as it did.  Clearly, this should not be.  What is clear is that it was an accident.  We understand going in that what we do is dangerous.  We do all we can to minimize the danger, but ultimately, we cannot eliminate it.

What I do want to speak to is how this situation was handled immediately after the accident.  Stan has been with me since 2008 and has been the most faithful, hardworking and dedicated Crew Guy we’ve ever had- especially in terms of hours invested in our Program.  He has become not only an invaluable member of our Race Team and a big part of the future plans we have made together, but he has woven his way into our Hearts- for both Robbie and me.  So we have found ourselves feeling quite protective of him, understanding we do NOT own him, nonetheless, we have shared a LOT of Nitro together over many years and have become QUITE close.

   ~ Dave & Kim Germain ~

Then I began to learn about what Dave and his wife, Kim, were doing to care for Stan after the accident.  From the Fundraising that began at the Track (where I understand that by the end of the Race over $6,000.00 was raised to go toward Stan’s Medical costs- ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!), to how Dave had contacted DRAW (the Drag Racing Association of Women- a charitable organization within the Drag Racing community whose motto is:  “Fast Help For Fast Friends” their sole mission being to provide financial and emotional support to qualified individuals involved in a drag racing accident at a track.  This organization is helping Stan and we strongly encourage you to check out their website at: and to participate with them as you are able.) Then there were the countless hours spent at the Hospital with Stan, while STILL trying to run the Race, so this meant back and forth trips from the Race Track to the Hospital- up late- and up early again, then offers of assistance with medical expenses.  I had offered repeatedly to come and get Stan to bring him home myself, but Dave drove his Truck and Trailer home after the event (I understand that Dave lives about 90 minutes South of Seattle) and then he returned in his personal rig with a Bed made up in the back for Stan to ride home in as comfortable as possible.  I’m sure there are many details I’m not even aware of, however, I simply wanted to acknowledge those that I was aware of and offer a Heart Felt THANK YOU to Dave and Kim Germain for taking such good care of my adopted Kid!  I know that Stan was overwhelmed with gratitude for the response that came by way of the donations from the Track and that which is now coming from DRAW.  He is intensely proud to be associated with such an incredible Sport where those in it look after one another so profoundly.  Dave and Kim Germain exemplify that model and I am deeply grateful to them.

Gregg Lawrence

Norm Christensen Memorial | Gregg Racing

Norm- at our House- Year End Crew Party- 2007

October 12, 2011- A Day Of Sorrow~

To all Friends in our Racing Community- Today we lost a Giant in our Sport of Drag Racing. We are grieving the passing of our dear friend Norm Christensen. Norm was a Giant in many ways- there are few people I feel I can look up to, both in stature and in character, but Norm was one I definitely could look up to in both ways. A very tall man, he also stood tall in our racing community as one of GREAT character! He has also worked on, or has been the Crew Chief on a great many high-end Top Alcohol Funny Cars, Top Alcohol Dragsters and A/Fuel Dragsters over the last couple decades. Most recently, Norm was the Crew Chief on Greg Ashwell’s NAPA sponsored Top Alcohol Funny Car.

Norm and I go way back – as we’ve worked together for years, strategizing on tuning ideas for my Gregg Racing, “CBM Means Business” A/Fuel Dragster that we campaign.

I have SO many “Norm” stories to share with you all- but for today, just one quick one – Norm and I headed to Mission in 2007 to run our Car as a last minute idea- with zero Crew (just me and Norm) for an NHRA National Open race with Gary Eickmann and his A/Fuel Nostalgia Car! GAWD, what were we THINKING!! We worked SO hard!!!

Mission – 2007 Gary’s Crew on the Left, My Crew? Me & Norm!

I am PROFOUNDLY sad as I have lost a very dear friend. Our hearts go out to his bride, Vicki as we will be continuing to pray that God’s peace finds her uniquely during this most difficult time.

A memorial Service will be held in his honor at the Wilsonville Holiday Inn, Saturday October 22nd, beginning at 2:00. At the end of the Service, I will be sharing a few brief (but pretty darn cool) memories of Norm, along with a short video presentation. After the Service concludes, there will be a time for those in attendance to visit with each other as refreshments are served. This portion will wrap up at 5:00.

Norm will be missed,

Gregg & Robbie

Gregg Racing | Robbie and Gregg | About Us

There's SO much emotion in what we do!

We put EVERYTHING we have into EVERY run and we know the risks we take.  This Car simply IS dangerous!  It can kill you! We know that!  We’ve lost friends in their A/Fuel Cars.  So, Robbie and I spend time together before every Run.

Robbie and I share a few private moments before make our runs.

Track photographer extraordinaire, Andi McFarland caught a couple tender private moments between Robbie and me prior to a Run.  These two photos uniquely capture one tender moment between Robbie and me.


NAPA Day Woodburn Dragstrip | Gregg Racing

Talking With Jerry While In Car

A Quick Update~

It’s been a great year for us here at Gregg Racing- our Performance has improved substantially, as we’ve had the privilege of having JERRY DARIEN join us for a couple outings over the Summer.  His knowledge and experience are unparalleled- and he doesn’t believe in “using up Parts” to go fast.  During our last outing, we made 3 pulls in the 5.40’s, and we went over 264 MPH, which hasn’t happened in many years (since the days we had 100% Nitro).  The amazing part is that we could have reused 85% of our Spark Plugs and Rod Bearings.  The Motor is finally “Happy”.  Now, we’re working to “stick” all the Power we’re making to the Track- which is NO easy task!  But, this is why I’m writing today- we have one more opportunity before we drain the Nitro out of Her and begin our Winter maintenance- and we wanted to invite you to join us!

Signage on our Rear Wing

NAPA Day at the Races- Friday, September 30th, 2011

All of us Nitro Junkies are ALWAYS looking for an excuse to hear that Nitro Cackle and to have our senses assaulted one more time and WE FOUND IT!  The CBM Means Business; Gregg Racing A/Fuel Dragster Team has been invited back out to our home track of Woodburn Dragstrip by our long time Crew Dude, great friend and NAPA Staffer, Keith McCurdy for the NAPA Day at the Races on Friday the 30th of September.  They have a number of Hot Rods that will be “strutting their stuff”, but they were looking for a “Big Car” to kinda’ showcase the event.  As much as we love to Race, my Bride and I had to do some serious talking, as, well- we were SUPPOSED to be at the Oregon Coast for a very long weekend, since October 1, the very NEXT DAY is our 6th Year Anniversary!!!  Do I have a GREAT Wife, or WHAT?!!  Keith has sacrificed a TON for us over MANY years, so if Robbie and I have to post-pone our Beach trip for a bit to help him, then we decided that’s what we needed to do!  I’ve said for a LONG time- that as COOL as our Hot Rod is- and it’s REALLY Cool- It’s all about the Relationships you build along the way!  So, Keith- this one’s for YOU!  Here we come!

 So, please join us Friday the 30th at Woodburn.  We expect to be making a couple hits between 12:00 Noon and around 3:00 PM or so.  Please come be part of the Team and Family for One More Hit of Nitro!  I’ll post after the event, but as always, you’re BEST option is to come join us- ESPECIALLY since this will be our last outing for the Year!


Nitro Gregg

Another Wheels-Up Launch Being Cheered on by Clutch-Guy, Crew-Dude Jake!

Results From The Woodburn Dragstrip Fall Classic | Gregg Racing


To Begin~
We had a GREAT Outing this past weekend! I’m attaching a video taken from the Stands by a fan. Not the best view, as it doesn’t show the Driving Job I had to do! (but, you can see AND hear what happened in that Run and I’ll explain more about this below.) THAT poor vista is a HUGE regret, as it was the most remarkable Driving Job I’ve had to do since I’ve owned the Car! I received more complements after that lap than from any other pass in the Car- EVER!

Three Laps in the 5.40’s- 2 over 260 MPH -1 @ 264.39- 2 MPH off our Career Best!!
We’d come “Out of the Box” on Thursday with a 5.46 @ 259 MPH, putting a Cylinder out at 4.4 seconds- a VERY good start to our Weekend. Nothing hurt and a TON left in it. We fixed the Cylinder dropping problem- we hoped- and tried another test pass- The Car did something I didn’t believe possible- it went out 300’ and BLEW THE TIRES OFF! Smoking the Tires THAT far Down Track takes a HUGE amount of Power, which we seemed to have now. We were going from there into Round 1 of Eliminations of the Make-Up Race that had rained out back in July- BUT that last Test Pass had shook HARD, damaging our Reverser, the device that allows me to go from Forward to Reverse so I can back up from a Burnout. We THRASHED, attempting to repair the Reverser which made us quite late to the lanes for our first Round of Eliminations, not really sure if we’d even have Reverse to be able to back up from the Burnout! I did a VERY short burnout, just in case the guys would have to push me back! I know that everyone there was startled, as I’m known for doing “John Force-esk, Long-Non-A/Fuel Traditional Burnouts”, but not knowing if you can even get it into Reverse will cure you of that RIGHT NOW!! OMG!! So, a short Burnout it was!! But, the Reverser worked, so I backed up and had to wait for the other guy, as we were then early!! I then Staged the Car- (This is the pass I’ve attached the video of)- and away we went, side by side, BUT, then the Car began to Shake HARD, again, moving around, left and right and CLOSE to the left wall- it was VERY close to the wall. When it does that, it essentially quits pulling. You’ll see in the Video above, he pulls away as I’m shaking, but he then Blows a Burst Panel (a safety device protecting the supercharger from too much pressure in the Manifold) and I get my Car to settle down and it HAULS ASS 🙂 all the way to the finish line, running 5.420 @ 264.39 MPH! We whooped up on him! This is our Best ET in a LONG time and our best MPH in a VERY long time!! When he blows his Burst Panel, you can hear a very distinct whining sound from his Supercharger (aka- Blower) as it is spinning in excess of 20,000 RPM!

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Getting Whopped –On The Track & By The Weather~
We got whooped in R2- I ran 5.49 and lost to a 5.46. CLOSE, but no cigar! This all happened before the Weekend even began, as our Testing and Eliminations occurred on Thursday and Friday. By Saturday, the Weather had turned Colder, making the Corrected (or “Density”) Altitude VERY low. This is the Altitude the Motor THINKS it’s running at. VERY good air = VERY Good Power! We were already making a TON of Power- and then it got Colder. The Sun didn’t even peak out from the Clouds, meaning that the Track never saw the Sun, so the Track Temperature never got over 71 Degrees. In our world, a Track Temperature of 90 Degrees is considered to be optimal. A Track Temperature that varies in either direction by much begins to affect the available Traction. Add to that the fact that the Cool Air was adding a ton of Power, and – well, we knew we were in trouble! We tried on two attempts to get our Hot Rod down the Track, but went up in smoke both times, in spite of attempts to pull Power from the Tune-Up. Sunday arrived with a similar forecast and I was making an even more drastic change to the Car- Changing Cam Timing. This is one that I have done before to get the Car down the Track when we had great air and the more “normal” Tune-Up moves were ineffective. As I was preparing to Move the Cam Sunday morning, the call was made- the Race was called for Rain. DOH!!! One more time- Woulda’, Coulda’, Shoulda’!

Managing Expectations
We really wanted to come away with a 5.3 Time Slip from the Weekend and we were SO Close on several tries this weekend. Racing with Jerry is SUCH a GREAT time! He was a tremendous help and we all had a TON of FUN! When I brought him up for the Woodburn Divisional back in July, the Car was running 5.60’s and 5.70’s in the mid 240 MPH range– and hurting itself on most every Pass! Now, we made 3 Runs all in the 5.40’s, the slowest of which was 258.91 MPH and up to 264.39 MPH- all with no carnage! We also had some Tire Smokers where we overpowered the Race Track for the available conditions, but our performance has picked up so much that we are now competitive again, and we again have the respect of our competitors. It’s been a while! This is VERY rewarding!

Where We Go From Here
We’ve been invited back for one more outing before putting our Hot Rod away for the Winter. It’ll be Friday the 30th of September where we’ve been invited by NAPA Auto Parts back to Woodburn Dragstrip, our Home Track, one more time. They have rented the Track for the day. They were looking for a “Big Car” and Keith McCurdy- a long time friend, Crew Dude and NAPA staffer invited us to come out for the day. So, please come out on Friday the 30th and spend the day with us! We’ll have a great time, hearing the sound of Nitro Cackling in the Pipes, smelling that distinct smell of Nitro and feeling the awesome Power of that “Bomb” going off at the Starting Line when, before we put Her away for the Winter, we say a couple more times – “God Bless it! Send it!!” Please Come Join Us!!

Thanks to all who make this happen!! 🙂

Nitro Gregg

Fall Classic Woodburn Dragstrip | Jerry Darien and Gregg Racing

Hey all Gregg Racing Fans, Friends & Nitro Junkies!!  We have some GREAT NEWS in the Gregg Racing A/Fuel Dragster Camp!!!  This weekend is the Fall Classic Race at Woodburn Dragstrip and on Friday the 16th, is the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series (LODRS) Woodburn Make-Up Race for the event that was rained out back in mid-July.  The CBM Means Business; Gregg Racing A/Fuel Dragster Team has come out early, today on Thursday the 15th to do some testing in preparation for this make-up race tomorrow the 16th.  The KILLER NEWS is that we have the privilege of having JERRY DARIEN join us again at this race as our Co-Crew Chief!!  WHOO HOO!!!  Jerry is one of the top A/Fuel Tuners on the PLANET and has trained more NHRA Pro Top Fuel Drivers than any other Tuner/Car Owner in history!  He has been called the “Trainer to the Stars”.  A partial list of drivers he’s personally trained includes:

  • Gary Scelzi
  • Frank Pedgregon
  • Melanie Troxel
  • Steve Faria
  • Brandon Bernstein
  • Morgan Lucas
  • Ashley Force
  • Troy Buff
  • Brittany Force
  • Courtney Force
  • Megan McKernan

His tuning skills are known for their conservative nature, keeping  his rookie Drivers safe and his parts lasting a LONG, LONG time!  The standing joke is that you NEVER, EVER cut a Zip Tie from the wrong end on Jerry’s team, or he’ll have your HEAD!  We reuse all zip ties and that attitude is representative of the ultra-conservative approach Jerry has taken to A/Fuel racing.  When others through HUGE sums of money at their programs, buying the latest part to fall off the newest CNC Machine, Jerry sticks with what he has, making it work.  And he makes it work!  His career best is a 5.22 ET at 275 MPH with Ashley driving- but that was in the “good ole’ days”, when NHRA allowed 100% Nitro.  Jerry says, “100% Nitro adds 50 IQ points to any Tuner!”  Now, after several drops in our Fuel Percentage, we’re down to 94% by the current NHRA rules, it’s WAY harder to makes these Cars run- especially when it’s hot out!  So, how’s Jerry done on 94%, WITHOUT the “50 IQ Point ‘Bonus’ Points” that used to come naturally by way of running 100% Nitro?  Well, on 94%, with Courtney in the Car, his Career Best is a 5.23 ET at 272 MPH!!  PHENOMENAL performance out of a Living Legend (That’d be Jerry, – Courtney will earn her Stripes in the Years to Come! J ) whom we at Gregg Racing are TRULY HONORED to have helping us out this weekend at Woodburn!   Come be a part of the Program and meet Jerry if you haven’t already- you’ll be glad you did!!

Jerry has been a good friend to Gregg since Gregg bought his A/Fuel Car from Jerry back in 1999- the Car Jerry had built for Melanie Troxel to drive.  It wore the In-N-Out Burger colors in those days.

UPDATE!!  Thursday 6:45 PM We had intended on making two Test Passes today, but…. , as they say, nothing’s easy.  We got one hit in today, but it was a GREAT opening to our long anticipated weekend!  In fact, in “Jerry speak”, he told me one time when I was complaining to him about how TERRIBLY difficult it is to run one of these VERY finicky A/Fuel Dragsters- He Said, “Gregg, if it were easy, the Pits would be full of 3rd Grade Girls with A/Fuel Cars!!!” It isn’t easy running an A/Fuel Car, or probably much of anything worth doing in life!  BUT, today, we had a GREAT opening Pass!


Allow me to share a little bit of the “Inside the Tuner’s Corner” with  you:

         Coming here today, we knew-

  • The Air would be VERY good- about 1100’ Corrected Density Altitude
  • We have been having issues with the Car “Smoking the Tires” at the Hit
  • Smoking the Tires SUCKS and you learn NOTHING doing this!
  • We’d have to REALLY “back the Car down”, by lowering all our Tune-Up settings pretty dramatically for our first Pass
  • We Set a VERY Mild Tune-Up and…….  (OMG!)  WAIT, I need to tell you just a LITTLE MORE for perspective.  (Sorry for the tease, but it’s REALLY worth it!  I promise!

When we qualified for this race, just 8 short weeks ago, here’s what our Time Slip looked like:

60′ ET


330′ ET


660′ ET


660′ MPH


1000′ ET


1/4 ET


1/4 MPH















The best we could muster was a 5.596 ET @ 252.80 MPH.  Today, we came out of the “Box” (Trailer) and with a VERY mild Tune-Up, HERE’S what our first Hit Time Slip looks like!  Below:

60′ ET


330′ ET


660′ ET


660′ MPH


1000′ ET


1/4 ET


1/4 MPH















ALMOST a tenth and a half better!  …AND, as the late night Infomercials say… “But Wait, There’s More!!!!”

On this run, it dropped #4 Cylinder at 4.4 Seconds!  Woulda’, Coulda’, Shoulda’!  But, we’ve fixed this so it (Hopefully!) won’t happen again, along with addressing a NUMBER of other issues, and we TRULY believe that our first 5.3 Pass is IN THERE, WAITING for us to turn the knobs JUST RIGHT and that it will come out THIS WEEKEND!!!  The Motor was very safe, nothing was hurt and we’re VERY excited about tomorrow! 🙂

Eliminations begin at 1:30 Tomorrow!  I’ll try to do more posts, but the BEST option is to just come out here and JOIN US!!