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Woodburn LODRS Divisional Race #1 ~ 07-14-13 – Gregg Racing

Woodburn LODRS Divisional Race #1 ~ 07-14-13

If you’re following us here, by now you’ve seen the Pics of our Carnage from our Dropped Intake Valve that happened during our final Qualifying Pass late on Saturday. Parts failure is a constant threat when pushing our Equipment THIS hard. We normally do VERY well, in fact we have VERY FEW Parts fail, owing to a TON of Maintenance, however, someone said it best a long time ago ……… “Poop Happens”. It certainly did to us during Q3!!

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The Crew worked VERY hard, burning a LOT of Midnight Oil and a few Adult Beverages too, as they got our Hot Rod all ready for the Dance on Sunday- but, alas a repeat performance of our Win in 2012 was simply NOT to be, as when we started Her up for Round 1, it was pretty clear- something was DRAMATICALLY wrong. I was given the option to shut it off, but I decided to go ahead with the Burnout and then opted to Stage the Car, having a pretty darn good idea, it was NOT running right. BUT, if we shut the Car off- we were GUARANTEED a R1 Loss. If I took a Green Light and Stepped down on ‘er, there was a CHANCE, however small, there WAS a chance of a Win. We were Racing Shawn Cowie, who was coming back after a 2 ½ year absence, returning after a devastating Motorcycle Accident injury he sustained through no fault of his own back in Tennessee. (Sidebar- I saw a sticker on Joey’s Car {Friend and Competitor, TAD Driver- Joey Severance}. It said- “Enemies for 5 Seconds; Friends for Life” Very Well said.) With this sentiment in mind, although we REEEAAALY wanted to whoop up on Shawn pretty badly, we all felt that if it wasn’t ours to win that day, it would be good for Cowie to take it that day. He’s been through an AWEFUL lot. Along with most TAD and TAFC Racers, we too have carried a sticker on our Car in his memory and honor during his recovery. But, regarding our R1 pairing, Shawn COULD have Red Lighted, or he COULD have Crossed the Center Line, or he COULD have had his OWN problems ……… but- he did not. He made a GREAT pass. BUT – we DID put ourselves in a position to win and that was all we could do at that time. I often refer to it this way- “Swing at the Damn Ball!!” We swung. Sometimes you connect. Sometimes you don’t. BUT, always Swing!

Shawn went on to win the Event and we at Gregg Racing congratulate him and his entire team!

One more- Before every Pass we make, we do a Warm-Up in the Pits. This allows us to not only Warm the Motor up, but we’re also able to check the Ignition Timing, Fuel Settings, EGT’s (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) and a variety of other items to make sure they are just right prior to our Run. One other routine is for us to check the Reverser- to go between Forward and Reverse gear. This is MUCH easier said than done, as the saying goes. My Bride, Robbie, has had the “Driver’s” duties in the Pits for the Warm-Ups for many years now, and She has always found the “Forward and Reverse” chore to be the most challenging. There ISN’T any “Synchro” between Forward and Reverse. If the Rear Tires are spinning- AT ALL, She can DESTROY a $1,500.00 Reverser in a FLASH. There’s just not much “forgiveness” in the process. Oh yeah- NO pressure either. J And, the Clutch works like no other, being a Centrifugally operated one. Did I mention? No Pressure. She’s gotten QUITE good- My point is- it’s MUCH more difficult than it looks. Prior to one of our Qualifying Passes this weekend, and after completing a truly Picture Perfect Warm-Up, including the requisite “Forward and Reverse” test- Which Robbie ALSO completed Perfectly, Robbie NEW she’d “NAILED IT” and the Picture that follows is her “Candid Camera”/“Kodak Moment” reaction captured as it happened by Cheyanne Helvey, the daughter of our Social Media Guru, Julie Helvey. The raw emotion seems to say a lot about her feelings of success. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Thanks, as always, for following us here! Our next outing will be on July 26th and 27th, back at Woodburn as we go to a Night Race there- Nitro Flames under the Lights! WHOO HOO! Come join us, or at least follow our results and stories here. Thanks much and God Bless!

Gregg Racing- Good Times with Good Friends at 260 MPH!
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Gregg Racing – End Of 2012 Season Party

Written by Julie Helvey- Social Media Guru & Fuel Chiller for
Gregg Racing, Inc.

Our Awesome 2012 Racing Season ended with the annual Gregg Racing Crew Dude Party that Gregg and Robbie throw for us Crew Dudes at the end of every Season-This year was no different from the previous Season’s Parties- It was AWESOME!!

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It started off with Happy Hour, as we all sat around and chatted about the great 2012 we were celebrating, especially our return to the Winner’s Circle at the LODRS Race at Woodburn the past July, with everyone just enjoying each other’s company.  Gregg BBQ’D while Robbie and Irene, (Gregg’s Mom and the Team Chef), put everything else together in the kitchen, and all of us Crew Dudes just relaxed for a change, something that we are NOT accustomed to doing in each other’s company.  Normally when we’re together, it’s “Mach 9 With Our Hair On Fire” as we work PROUFOUNDLY hard and as fast as we can, like a (fairly) well choreographed Dance Team- trying not to run into each other as we work in such a confined area, working SO closely together- each with our own Job and area of Responsibility- All with VERY tight Time Constraints.  The Car MUST be ready on time- and…… it MUST be right.  Nothing like a little Pressure!  That’s what made the Party SO different!  And SOOOO Nice!!

Clutch Dude Jake decided to build us a nice bonfire, albeit an “upside down” fire, (you would have had to have been there- OR, you should feel free to ask him about it next time you’re at the Track with us!  Jake’s a pretty Funny Guy- and his take on building a Fire is a perfect example on his perspective on most of LIFE- upside down from most everyone else!!  LOL!!  BUT, that’s why we LOVE Jake!!…) He actually did a pretty good job of building a Bitchin’ Fire in Robbie’s Fire Pit.

After dinner, we all went down into the Family Room and got comfy on the couches, while Gregg readied his Slide Show that he spends OODLES of hours making every year- (and I DO mean OODLES)….

Just prior to beginning the Slide Show, Gregg offers his thoughts on the Season, which always includes his sharing how much we each mean to the Team, and how much he and Robbie appreciate us all, but more importantly to them (and all of us Crew Dudes too!) are the relationships that are built and the true friendships and families that are created from working so closely together.  We all LOVE this part, ‘Cuz it is soooo true.

Next came the Slide Show we were all anxiously waiting for- Gregg does such an incredible job of doing this, right down to the music he picks out, and making sure that the beat of the music hits where it is supposed to-NOT an easy task!  We all sat back, and re-lived the AWESOME Season we had in 2012, and remembered some dear friends that we lost along the way as well~ But BEST of all…was reliving that MOMENT….the one where we KNEW…

WE HAD WON THE WALLY!!!  I am pretty sure we were all crying, watching those pictures roll, frame by frame, right up to the ones of us Crew Dudes literally EXPLODING on the starting line as we saw OUR win light come on!!  OMFREAKINGGOODNESS!!!

The Slide Show was SUCH a hit this year, that we convinced Gregg to share it with MORE than just US Crew Dudes!!!!  So, YOU now are able to be a part of our Year- The AWESOME Year that was 2012……… As WELL as the Relationships that we build along the way.  More to come on this to follow.

After the Slide Show, Gregg customarily hands out gifts to the Crew.  This night was a little different.  While he and Robbie always make sure we know JUST how much we are appreciated with Gifts- This Year we each got two pictures, one from our Night of Fire Race, (with the header flames shooting out.  Who doesn’t LOVE Header Flames??!!!…) and a Winner’s Circle picture, with a personal note written by Gregg to each of us and then signed by Gregg.  These Gifts are pretty “Standard”- BUT, 2012 WASN’T a “Standard” SEASON!  So,  THEN…we EACH got……..OUR VERY OWN WALLY!!! They actually got us each our own Wally, and not just some cheap imitation, either, but identical Trophies to what Gregg received in the Winner’s Circle!!!  These Wally’s are SOOO COOL!!!  🙂  Made us one VERY Happy Crew!!  It was a pretty awesome moment, for sure…just sayin…

Gregg and Robbie are such an amazing couple, have a great Team to work with and for, and are BY FAR some of the best Friends you could ever ask for- I know I, along with the rest of our crew, cherish them GREATLY!!

Thank you, Gregg and Robbie, for a Great Party, Stellar Gifts, and more than anything, for your Friendship!!

Let’s do it again in 2013!!!  🙂

Be a Part of our Slide Show, AS WE watched it!!  You will need to set aside just over 25 minutes to view it all, but I PROMISE you- it IS worth it!  We’ll give you a Money Back Guarantee!!   We’ll return every dime we charge you to download it IF you don’t LOVE it!!  It’s available up to 1080p, so if you have the time to let it queue, PLEASE do!  Then, you can watch it on your Big Screen AND, MOST importantly, Like the Hot Rod, it’s MEANT to be…… LOUD, so TURN IT UP!!  J

This Slide Show was prepared primarily as a Thank You for the Gregg Racing Crew Dudes who worked SO Hard on the Car all Year, HOWEVER, there are a GREAT MANY Friends who have ALSO helped in a VARIETY of ways.  For ALL of the Friends of Gregg Racing, who have helped in ALL the MANY WAYS- and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE- This Slide Show is ALSO for YOU!!

The Gregg Racing 2012 End of Season Slide Show is below.


Written by,
Your Gregg Racing Social Media Guru & Fuel Chiller Crew Dude~ Julie Helvey