Gregg Racing | Nitro Gregg Lawrence Driver/Owner Bio

Nitro Gregg Lawrence – Driver/Owner

Gregg Racing

Gregg Racing
Born: 1962
Family:  Kris – Born 1981, Kari – Born 1986
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight:  Lots           
Sweetie:  Robbie – Born – Yes
Home:  Salem, Oregon                                                                                   
Vocation:  Business Owner-  Commercial Business Machines, Inc.,


GG-Force Investments, LLC &   Gregg Racing, Inc. 

Racing Experience:  As a Crew Member since 1991.  In 1996, Gregg received his Federal Mogul Dragster  license and in 1998, his Advanced ET   license (Required To Drive The Pro Mod).

Passions:  Leading not following.  Creating a trend not pursuing one.  Being unique, but not gaudy.  Effectively marketing products and services via creatively injecting excitement in a marketing program using his “Hot Rod.”

Biography: Gregg’s passion for Drag Racing began early in life.  In the late ‘60’s, his father drove a front engine dragster.  Of course, all dragsters were front engine in those days.  The sights, sounds and smells of burning rubber were the beginnings of the “incurable disease” that Drag Racing represents to him today.

In 1991, Gregg had the opportunity to become a crew member on a Top Alcohol Funny Car.  Here, his decision to make Drag Racing a career was cemented.  Gregg says, “In those days, I couldn’t afford two ply toilet tissue, but I knew that some day, Drag Racing would be my career.”  Beginning with a tool collection that consisted of an old hammer and a rusty “Crescent” wrench, he couldn’t afford all that was involved in having a race team.  To maintain motivation toward his goal, Gregg would make small consistent steps, and tell everyone he knew that some day, he’d have a race car and team.  He would purchase one or two tools every payday.  Predominantly symbolic, these consistent steps did serve to keep him focused on his long range goal.  The accomplishments achieved to date speak to his perseverance.

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